What Are Embedded Fonts and Why Do I Need Them?

You will have to ensure that the fonts you use in your dissertation are embedded. This might sound like a minor aspect when you write my dissertation but this is actually critical for ensuring that your paper will be presented in an appropriate form. Many academic departments around the world require students to have embedded fonts in their dissertations.

Embedded fonts are ones that contain information that can keep the document looking the same on a PDF. That is, a person who reads your dissertation on a computer will be able to read your document in the way it was intended to be seen in. This is regardless of the fonts that someone has on another computer.

This is especially important considering how special characters are often used in some dissertations. It is regularly difficult for some characters, particularly foreign or scientific ones, to be read on some computers. This comes as different characters might not have particular equivalents in other fonts, thus making them impossible to read. By using embedded fonts, you will ensure that the letter and other symbols in your work are distinct and can actually be read without any problems coming out of them.

How Can You Embed Fonts?

The process of embedding fonts in your dissertation will vary based on the particular word processing program you are using. You might have to go to the options menu of your program and then adjust the save options. Specifically, you’d have to adjust the file based on how fonts are listed.

There should be a direct option in your program to allow you to embed fonts. This should be done for all font styles including some of the more common ones you’d find. You will not have to worry if you have Microsoft Word 2016 for PC or Mac or Word 2011 for Mac as those two particular options have the fonts automatically embedded.

Checking on Fonts

You can always check your file to see if it has been properly embedded by saving it and then using a program to convert it into a PDF. After this, you have to open Adobe Reader or another PDF reader to check on everything. You can also review the properties of your PDF to see what fonts have been properly embedded.

It might take an extra bit of time for you to get the fonts in your PDF embedded. But once you do this, you will find that it is not too hard to get more out of your work as it will be easier for people to read your dissertation. Make sure you check on how your dissertation file is being saved and that the fonts are fully embedded before sending out your work.